Rose Weasley had always been in her comfort zone whenever she looked out to sea.

Taken by Albus Potter who enjoyed watching his cousin bathe in the salty sea air.
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Strange things happened when they played Truth & Dare at Hogwarts — including the time James was dared to hump a tree.

Taken by Lysander and Albus. Circa 2025.

Clary was never quite alright for a long time after Sam’s death.

Taken by one of hee friends, distraught at seeing the cheerful girl so depressed.

Scorpius’ favourite thing to wake up to — whether he ever admitted it or not — was his sleep-warm and rumpled lover.

Taken by the young Malfoy in the early hours of morning,  circa 2024.

Roxanne, Lucy and Alice could rarely pass up a free concert- even when it meant breaking curfew
[Taken by an equally rebellious Fred Weasley, circa 2024]

Only drunk, delirious Dom thought cleaning was ever a good idea. 

Taken by an equally drunk Dianna Finch-Fletchley.

Benjamin wasn’t afraid of being a bit of an idiot if he ever caught the paparazzi hounding.

Taken by a Wizard Weekly photographer. Circa 2026.
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Roxanne wanted to capture the perfect sunset moment but Lily, Louis, Albus, Dom, James, Victoire and Fred had other plans.

Taken by a not quite amused Roxanne Weasley

Jess loved stealing most of Liam’s clothes, especially the band tees too big on her.

Taken by Liam while the pair were out and about in Muggle London. Circa 2024.

Occasionally, Albus let lose and went along with James’ schemes.

Taken by a Lily in hysterics that one time the Potter children stole a grocery cart.